Application Modernization


Intermediate Data Systems offers Mainframe Modernization as part of its product offerings, aiming to help businesses transition from legacy mainframe systems to contemporary, efficient, and cost-effective technologies. Below is an overview of our offering:

  • Legacy System Assessment:Conducting a comprehensive assessment of existing mainframe systems to identify functionalities, dependencies, and areas that need modernization. This involves understanding the business logic, data structures, and interfaces within the mainframe environment.
  • Migration Strategies:Determining the most suitable migration approach based on the specific needs of the organization. This might involve various strategies such as re-platforming, re-hosting, refactoring, or replacing legacy applications with modern alternatives.
  • Application Modernization:Upgrading or redesigning applications running on mainframes to make them compatible with modern platforms, architectures, and technologies. This could include breaking down monolithic applications into microservices, utilizing cloud-native architectures, or adopting modern programming languages.
  • Data Migration and Integration:Migrating data from mainframe databases to newer data storage solutions, such as cloud-based databases or data lakes. Ensuring data integrity, security, and seamless integration with other systems or applications.
  • User Interface Modernization:Enhancing user interfaces to improve accessibility, usability, and user experience. This might involve developing web-based or mobile interfaces to replace traditional green-screen interfaces.

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  • Performance Optimization:Optimizing the performance of applications and systems during and after the modernization process to ensure efficiency and responsiveness in the new environment.
  • Risk Mitigation and Compliance:Ensuring compliance with industry standards, regulations, and security protocols throughout the modernization process. Implementing measures to mitigate risks associated with data migration and system transformation.
  • Training and Support: Providing training sessions and support to help stakeholders adapt to the new systems, interfaces, and workflows resulting from the modernization efforts.

Intermediate Data Systems Mainframe Modernization services aim to enable organizations to transition from legacy mainframe systems to more agile, scalable, and cost-effective solutions. By modernizing these systems, businesses can leverage modern technologies, reduce maintenance costs, enhance flexibility, and improve overall system performance, thus staying competitive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

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